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Stunning video clips taken from the archives of the Library of Congress, based on very early film footage by Thomas Alva Edison of performers in the Wild West show in 1894 and including Lakota warriors performing what is billed - erroneously - as a ‘ghost dance’, can be viewed at Amazing Americans.

The forum provided by Diane Merkel’s Little Bighorn History Alliance site is truly awesome, by far the best I have seen. There is a great deal of expert discussion - accompanied by an awesome selection of photographs - of direct application to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West during this period.

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For an interesting article about Mexican Joe and a very attractive contemporary artist’s impression of the East End Exhibition Buildings, see the Music Hall and Theatre History Website.

Check out the Pony Express site maintained by enthusiast Tom Crews.

A fact which is fast emerging into the wider consciousness is that those ‘Cossacks’ who famously performed with the Wild West from 1892 onwards and took Scotland by storm in 1904, were not Cossacks at all, but ethnic Georgians.

Check out the combined pages of the English Westerners’ Society and the Custer Association of Great Britain.

If you are interested in Buffalo Bill’s genealogy, check out The International Cody Family Association.

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Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland