The Indians in 1902-03 

Moses Red Star takes hold of King Edward VIIís Umbrella, Olympia, London, 1903

The Indians for the 1902-03 season arrived from New York at Southampton on 11th December 1902, on board the Saint Louis. The main body of The Wild West sailed home on board the Etruria, sailing from Liverpool on 24th October 1903 and arriving at New York on the 31st. The following Indians and mixed-bloods are known from the passenger lists to have participated on Buffalo Billís 1902-03 tour of England and Wales:

American Horse, R.; Black Bear; Black Bird; Black Bird, Mrs; Black Horn; Black Horn, Mrs Bessie; Black Horn, Stella (infant); Blue Shield, P.; Bluffing Bear; Break(s) In, Sam; Bring(s) Plenty; Comes Out Holy; Comes Out Holy, Mrs Lilly; Conquering Bear, H.; Conquering Bear, M.; Eagle Hawk; Eagle, Oliver J.; Eagle Louse; Good Crow; Hard to Hit; Hard to Hit, Mrs Lilly; High Bear; Holy Frog; Kills Across; Kills Enemy at Night; Kills First; Kills Small, Hy.; Little, Miles; Little Bear, Frank; Little Elk; Little Iron; Little Soldier; Living Bear; Lone Bear, Samuel; Long Soldier, J.; Make(s) Good, Sam; Medicine Cloud; Mountain Sheep; Old Shield(s), J.; Picks Arrow; Plenty Horses; Plenty Horses, Mrs; Poor Elk, G.; Red Elk, George; Red Feather, John; Red Fly, Paul; Red Horse, James; Red Star; Red Star, Mrs Sarah; Red Star, Moses (infant); Red Star, Stella (infant); Roan Woman; Running Bear; Running Hawk; Sand(s) Rock(s); Shouts For; Shoulder; Sitting Holy; Stabber, James; Stabber, Thos; Stabber, Mrs Thos; Standing Bear, Luther (interpreter); Standing Bear, Mrs Laura; Standing Bear, Luther junior (infant); Standing Bear, various first names attested (born Birmingham, England, 7th June 1903); Strikes Three Times; Strikes Three Times, Mrs; Struck by Crow, H.; Turning Bear; Two Elk, C.; Walks Under Ground; White Butterfly; Yellow Hair, J.

The following Indians, though as yet unknown from the passenger lists, are identified from newspaper coverage of the 1902-03 season:

Antelope; Eagle Eye; Flat Iron; Red Bird; White Cloud; White Cloud, Mrs

High Bear, who is probably one and the same as the man of that name who had been left behind in England with Black Elk at the end of the 1887-88 season, is identified by the Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser, 29th July 1903, as Ďthe head chiefí.

Charlie Little Soldier is also known from the Derby Daily Telegraph, 24th October 1903. He was found to be drunk and incapable in Victoria Street, Derby, on the evening of Thursday, 22nd October 1903 and the case against him was heard in Derby Borough Court on Friday, 23rd.

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