The Indians in London, 1892 

Sun’kmanitu Han’ska
(Long Wolf)

The 1892 summer season opened at Earl’s Court, London, on Saturday, 7th May, and ran until Wednesday, 12th October.

Long Wolf died of an illness in the West London Hospital on 11th June 1892 and was buried in Brompton Cemetery on the 13th.

The following Indians were early departures, arriving from Liverpool at New York on board the Nevada on 14th July 1892:

No Neck, aged 41; Mrs No Neck, 33; Miss No Neck, 6 (could this be a mistaken reference to Johnny Burke No Neck? Has there been a misunderstanding about the child’s gender?); Poor Bear, 42 and Little Chief, 28.

Star Ghost Dog, a little girl aged just twenty months, was the second Indian fatality of the season. She was killed in an accident in the arena on 12th August and Long Wolf’s grave was re-opened to receive her mortal remains on the 15th. Both were exhumed in 1997 and repatriated to South Dakota for re-burial. She was the fifth and final Indian from Buffalo Bill’s camp to die and be buried in Brompton Cemetery between 1887 and 1892.

The Evening News & Post, 14th May 1892, alleges the presence of Plenty Horses, but he is not otherwise known in this connection.

The main body of Indians, sailing home on the Mohawk at the end of the 1892 summer season, departing London on 15th October and arriving at New York on the 27th, were:

Ant, 22; Bear Bonnet, 32; Black Heart, 41; Black Lodge, 30; Bluffing Bear, 21; Bob Bear, 40; Brave, 30 (believed to be Ogalalla POW but not marked as such); Brings It, 23; Brings Yellow, 21; Bull Behind, 21; Burns Himself, 24; Calls The Name, 35, female, ‘sw (apparently “sailing with”) Black Heart’ (Ogalalla POW but not marked as such); Cedar Boy, 18; Charging Crow, 25; Comes For Him, 21; Comes From Scout, 26; Crazy Bull, 40; Cut Meat, 35; Eagle Bird, 25; Eagle Hawk, 25; Eagle Louse, 24; Faces, 60; Fog, 26; Good Boy, 25; Good Cross, 14; Good Eagle, 22 (believed to be Brulé POW but not marked as such); Good Elk, 25; Good Shot, 24; Good Voice, 23; Ghost Dog, 23; He Crow, 45; High Bird, 24; Hard To Hit, 22 (believed to be Brulé POW but not marked as such); High Bear, 33; Iron Child, 34; Kills a Chief, 24; Kills Across, 19; Kills and Back, 26; Little Boy, 28; Little Eye, 5; Little Hawk, 22; Little Wolf, 45; Long Bull, 25; Names Him, 30; Nelson, 17; One Star, 19 (believed to be Ogalalla POW but not marked as such); Picks Arrow, 22; Plays Flute, 26 (female); Plenty Wounds, 26; Red Onion, 25; Runs Among, 26; Runs On Edge, 50; Shangrau, John, 38 (mixed-race interpreter, ‘In Charge of Hostile Indians’); Two Bonnets, 19; Two Elk, 40; Wolf Ears, 29

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