As part of the extensive British tour of 1904, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Congress of Rough Riders of the World played a total of twenty-nine consecutive Scottish venues, appearing in virtually every city and town of any size or significance, from Dumfries in the south to Inverness in the north. Hawick was the first of these, on 26th July, and Dumfries was Buffalo Bill’s last Scottish venue ever, on 14th September. Back in 1891-92, the show only played in Glasgow but by 1904, Colonel Cody had got the process of ‘moving camp’ down to a fine art. No doubt the Indians, with their longstanding tradition of nomadism, helped in developing this operation, or at the very least provided an inspiration.
Please express through your journal to the citizens of Glasgow my heartiest thanks for and profound appreciation of the magnificent support they gave us during the week. Glasgow has beaten all records for attendances on this side of the Atlantic, and comes second to the Chicago World’s Fair record in 1893. You may take it from this that I am more than satisfied. I expected much from Glasgow, but not so much.

- Colonel W. F. Cody, quoted in the Daily Record and Mail, 8th August 1904

At Glasgow especially the crowds were large. So large that they have been exceeded only by those of Chicago. So Buffalo Bill looks to Glasgow with respect, and Glasgow remembers him as the man who provided the largest and most realistic entertainment that ever visited the city.

- Manitoba Free Press, 1st October 1904

Two songs about Buffalo Bill’s appearances at the Race Park in Dunfermline on 16th August 1904 are included on the Heroes CD by John Watt.

Full listing of the 1904 season’s twenty-nine Scottish venues

Transcript of a representative contemporary newspaper article

The People’s Journal, 20th August 1904

To the EDITOR of the “FREE PRESS”

Replying to your enquiry, permit me to say to the good people of Aberdeen and vicinity that the warmth of their reception to me personally and to the Wild West as an exhibition has been such that it will never be forgotten. Your city is one of the most beautiful as well as substantial in appearance I have ever visited, and when I am once more in my home at the Rocky Mountains I shall look back with pleasant memories to my pleasant visit to your city, and to the kindly treatment of its press and people.- Yours truly,

W. F. Cody,
“Buffalo Bill”

- Aberdeen Free Press, 27th August 1904



Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland