February 1892 

With the advent of the ‘Stupendous Additional Attractions’, the Wild West establishment must have seemed like a very different place to Charging Thunder when he finally got out of Barlinnie on Thursday, 11th February.

The crowds continued to turn out in vast numbers right up until the last night, Saturday, 27th, when young Johnnie Baker took the parting salute, in the absence of Buffalo Bill.

The company then proceeded to break up in stages, ‘Professor’ Lockhart and his elephants departing the scene more or less immediately. But it would be mid-April before the last remnants of the entourage had left Glasgow.

Those Indians who remained behind, pending the London 1892 season, had time on their hands and were a more visible presence than ever on the streets of city. They ventured far and wide, as often as not the worse for drink.

One of the final acts of the company was a charity football match at Celtic Park played by the cowboys against the Brandon Club on Thursday, 25th. The final score does not appear to be recorded but it is known that the cowboys lost.

‘Buffalo Bill’s Cowboys v. Brandon’. The line drawing is taken from the Glasgow Evening News, 26th February 1892.

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Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland