1987-88 Season 

Buffalo Billís Wild West sailed from New York on board SS State of Nebraska on Thursday, 31st March 1887, arriving at Gravesend, Kent, on the afternoon of Thursday, 14th April. From there, Colonel Cody proceeded directly to London, while the rest of the company continued up the Thames and disembarked on the following morning, Friday, 15th, at the Royal Albert Dock, London.

Buffalo Billís inaugural transatlantic season opened at Earlís Court, London, on Monday, 9th May 1887, closing there on Monday, 31st October.

Just short of four weeks at the Aston Lower Grounds, Birmingham, followed from Saturday, 5th November until Thursday, 1st December 1887.

The previous winterís historical pageant The Drama of Civilization was revived for a lengthy winter season in specially constructed indoor premises at the Manchester Racecourse, Salford, opening on Saturday, 17th December 1887. The Salford stand concluded with a programme of outdoor sports on Tuesday, 1st May 1888, the main feature of which was a horse race between Antonio Esquivel and a local rider named Latham. Following an inconclusive result, the race was re-run on Thursday, 3rd.

The final engagement of the season was a single performance on the football ground at Holderness Road, Hull, on the afternoon of Saturday, 5th May 1888, prior to sailing back to the United States on the Persian Monarch in the early hours of the following day, Sunday 6th.


Buffalo Billís Wild West in Great Britain